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Why Choose Steel?


What makes us different?

All of our garden rooms are made from steel frames, rather than timber. There are a number of benefits to using steel rather than timber. 

We manufacture all the steel framing ourselves in our Essex warehouse. This means we can offer fast delivery times as we are not governed by any other companies producing the framework. 

We can also erect as much framework as possible in the warehouse, so when we arrive at your home, we can half the time taken to build your garden room.



Steel is more durable than alternative frameworks for a number of reasons. Of course, steel will not rot so your framework will stand the test of time for many years to come. Your framework will also be better resistant to extreme weather conditions. 

Steel framed homes will not crack, warp, twist, rot, split or settle. There is a reason why the first use of steel in building frameworks was for skyscrapers in 1883, and to do this day that has not changed!


Environmentally Friendly


Currently, steel compromises around 75% of all major appliances, and for good reason too! One of the biggest benefits to using steel is the low carbon footprint it produces. 

The recycling of steel in the UK saves enough energy to power around 18 million houses for an entire year, and surprisingly, is recycled more than any other product, including paper, plastic and glass. One of the main reasons that steel is so widely recycled is because it can be repeatedly recycled without any loss of strength.

Bespoke Design

Our technology is the first of its kind in the United Kingdom. Once you, the customer, have determined what it is you want, our in-house designers will input to our CAD system and let the machines do the work.

You will never be restricted in the design of your home, and can completely adapt and customise your framework to suit your requirements. We will keep you updated during the entire journey, with digital images and updates at all stages.

Faster Installation

Did you know, to build a 3 bedroom family home with a timber frame takes on average 6-9 months? Around 2-3 weeks of that being spent on the framework alone.

Our technology allows us to input precise measurements for the project, producing the entire framework in a matter of hours. Assembling the panels can be done before we even arrive on the site, meaning time reduced on site significantly.

Our teams of installers are specialist multi-traders too, meaning we can undertake the works from start to finish as quickly as possible, minimising disruption.

Extensive Guarantee

We understand that when investing in a project such as this, you will want assurance against both materials, and workmanship. Therefore, our products all carry an extensive guarantee for your peace of mind.